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Security Services

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Door Supervision

From one operative checking I.D at the entrance to your venue to teams of 7 - 12 at your club. Professional SIA Licensed door supervisors who understand the value of returning customers to your business.
Our aim is always to secure your venue, staff and customers utilising non - confrontational people management style techniques as far as possible to ensure that an enjoyable night is had by all.
KSL SECURITY MANAGEMENT provide top flight door supervisors to the most exclusive clubs, pubs, hotels and restaurants in the country with a bespoke dress code and remit to suit your specific venue requirements. Just contact us to discuss your security needs.

Hotel Concierge

Security Concierge Service is a relatively new concept that takes the door supervisor role into the service industry and allows a more fluid integration into your establishment. Our specially trained staff will help to ensure the smooth running of your hotel functions while maintaining a secure and safe environment for your staff and guests, keeping unwanted visitors away.

Event Security

With experience working within many different events throughout the UK ranging from compact charity fundraisers, outdoor promotional events and hotel weddings all the way up to town and county fairs and shows, music festivals such as V-fest and society weddings with huge media interest.
KSL SECURITY MANAGEMENT can assist with planning, risk assessments and organising your event to ensure a smooth and enjoyable event for all.
Control access, end egress of performers and guests including searches for prohibited substances and weapons.
Provide teams of vigilant patrols to ensure management of crowds continues throughout the event.
Response teams to deal with crowd issues and medical situations with qualified first aiders within our expert teams.

Close Protection/Mini Close Protection

KSL SECURITY MANAGEMENT, with over 20 years experience in the field can arrange an individual bodyguard or a team of close protection operatives assigned to protect an individual principle or a small group such as a family or board of directors.
We have managed security protecting VIP visitors to the country, 'A' list musicians, television and film celebrities as well as business people and their families.
We have run tight security at 'A' list society weddings protecting the happy couple and their guests from the unwelcome gaze of mass media and eradicating any possible threat to the event by locals or international terrorist organisations offering complete peace of mind.
Mini Close Protection. These are bespoke services aimed to make your time a little elevated from the norm and to ensure your safety at all times. Chaperone service for school or university proms. Pick up and protect from the airport and back safely. Security driver service for your special event or party.

Retail Covert and Overt Security

Operational Plain Clothes Team. Unique to KSL SECURITY MANAGEMENT, our dedicated fraud, theft, any-social behaviour and pickpocket team (FTAP) are on hand to be deployed at any given moment. Due to the cuts in policing, our plain clothed FTAP team, along with our uniformed overt teams, have been specially trained to provide peace of mind for your retail operation in the current challenging situation. We make full use of state of the art digital radio communications and body worn CCTV equipment to aid the deterrence and capture of those elements of society that aim to damage your success in retail. 

Home Protect

We offer a bespoke neighbourhood patrol service linked to your existing alarm monitoring service or with a new alarm installed. 24/7 monitoring with the added peace of mind that comes with our unique on site patrol operatives in your area to respond to your call within minutes. Please call or email for how we can set this service up in your area now.


Dog Handling Security

KSL SECURITY MANAGEMENT deploys general purpose, narcotics and explosion dog handler teams to meet your business requirements. Visitor searches at your premises entrance, protecting your premises from unwanted visitors, high risk area explosive search dogs, licensed venue drugs search dogs. Call or email now for more information. 

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