CCTV Remote Monitoring

We’re dedicated to providing the very best remote monitoring services. We invest in the latest CCTV technology equipment to make sure we provide 24/7 monitoring with unbeatable reliability and quality.

Remote monitoring is when a remote monitoring station or centre is connected to a site’s security and Operators at the control centre then monitor activity at the site.

The moment unusual activity occurs, Our control centre team will immediately investigate and act appropriately – never letting your site go vulnerable.

Using the latest technology our highly skilled operatives monitor the CCTV systems for any unusual or suspicious activity.

Featuring 24/7 live monitoring, the security of knowing that your premises are secure whatever the time, whatever the day. Remote monitoring is the peace of mind that allows you to sleep easy at night because, with our CCTV technology, you are taking zero chances with your property. Our CCTV equipment is wire and wifi free making it eco friendly, this enables us to install it at any location. 

As soon as an intruder is detected on the premises, live footage and Still Images are taken by the operator, who will sound the alarm through our latest technology system. In the First instance, the intruder will be given a live audio warning, in the majority of cases, instructing them to leave before further action is taken.

Audio warnings, usually, are enough to deter the intruder and scare them away, but in the event that they refuse to leave we will immediately deploy one of our Highly trained security operatives along with calling the emergency services.

Remote monitoring doesn’t just safeguard against criminal activity such as theft, criminal damage and burglary, however incidents such as an outbreak of fire and other natural reasons will also be picked up. KSL Security’s remote monitoring system ensures a rapid response time in order to keep your premises safe.

All of this makes the investment of having your premises remotely monitored a necessity not a luxury, potentially saving your business thousands, if not millions, of pounds in damages and increased insurance costs. Why take the chance when you can have your business watched over day and night.

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